Mechanics and Limousines

There are two kinds of people in this world; those who get things done and those who sit around and wait for things to be done on their behalf. My son is one of the latter. I am not sure where he got his work ethic from, but his brothers are not like that at all. he is living with me right now and trying to convince me that I need to sit around and keep paying all of the bills while he tries to figure out what his passion is. I think he needs to get a reality check and I am here to give it to him.

He has always been pretty handy with cars, so I think he should go to one of those technical schools where he can brush up on the basics and learn a few new things. This is a career path that will be booming even when the economy is not, which means that he will have job security. Maybe he can focus on collision repair or some other great specialty. I am going to sit down and have a talk with him about it to see what he thinks.

There are companies hiring for mechanics, like this Minneapolis limousine company on the south end of town that my buddy works for. He’s always telling me that they need good mechanics. My son could have a steady job if he got the right skills.